Review for „Walls of Orion“ by T.D. Fox

Anmerkung: Diese Rezension ist auf Englisch, da ich das Buch von einem englischen Verlag bereitgestellt bekommen habe.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for the review copy, which was provided to me by the publisher. This fact does not in any way affect my personal opinion on this book. This post contains advertising and the rights for the book belong to the publisher.

General information 

  • Titel: The Walls of Orion
  • Author: T.D. Fox
  • Series: Walls of Orion (Book 1 of probably 2)
  • Publisher: Acorn Publishing
  • Format: Ebook
  • Pages: 358
  • Releasedate: 05.04.2021
  • Genre: Dystopia
  • Price: 3,39€ (Ebook) / 12,69€ (Softcover) / 28,25€ (Hardcover)


Orion City has been on lockdown for ten years. Courtney Spencer, a disillusioned barista doomed to live a “normal” life in a quarantined fishbowl, is certain she’ll never see over the Wall again.
Until one rainy evening, Courtney unintentionally befriends W, an eccentric customer who leaves a switchblade in the tip jar. The unexpected acquaintance soon opens the door to a frightening string of questions that flips everything she knows upside down. Stumbling into a world of secrets, lies, and disturbing truths, Courtney grapples with a burning temptation to look again at the Wall. Surrounded by citizens trained to ignore its looming shadow, Courtney no longer can.
Intrigued and terrified to expand her world, Courtney finds herself toeing a knife’s edge between the law and justice, learning quickly that the two are not always compatible.
She wants to cling to her morals. She also wants to stay alive. But most of all, she wants to see a certain customer again, despite everything in her whispering W is dangerous.
In a gritty urban clash of hope and fear, passion and survival, The Walls of Orion explores the edges of light, dark, and the gray in between.

My opinion 

Of course, is this only my personal opinion on the book and just because I give this rating to the book doesn’t mean, that everyone will have that opinion.

It´s been a hot minute since I read a dystopian novel but this book was just right!
To be honest, I had some problems getting into the story first because I did not understand the whole city and quarantine situation but after like 5 chapters I understood more.
This book gave me the same vibes as Vicious by V.E. Schwab, even though both books are totally different.
I loved the character development of the main protagonist and I can’t wait for book two. This book really took me by surprise.
Really interesting plot, morally grey characters and character depth – what do I want more? I didn’t even miss the smut that I almost need in every book, but maybe there will be a few mild spicey scenes in book two. The book doesn’t have a hard focus on romance, in my opinion, and I loved that because most dystopian novels with a female lead that I have read, are all about which guy she will choose in the end . So this was a super nice new dystopian novel.


This book really took me by surprise!

I give 5 from 5 Stars 

See you later, 

Paula Josina

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